The idea of putting up a Travel Agency business has always been inspired by the owner’s passion for travelling. 20 plus years in various business ventures, Dave and Iris Galvez has been in the forefront of buy and sell business specializing in hard to find products including antique items. In March 17, 2015, Dave and Iris decided to venture into the Travel business thus the birth of ITG Travel and Tours.

As a traveler themselves, it is indeed a great opportunity to share to the rest of the world how to fuel each one’s wanderlust giving enough reason to explore the beautiful places, good food and different culture across the globe. Always an exciting experience and ITG know this very well!

Understanding your travel needs

As a family who loves to travel the world together, ITG understands the potential hassles of booking a trip that can effectivelyaccommodate the needs of each traveller. Hence, our travel and tours services, including VISA assistance and international and local airline ticketing, are all designed to help you worry less about your trip, allowing you to enjoy the excitement of soon exploring new places.

Giving you more options

Your vacation starts the moment you book because with ITG, your convenience will always be our top priority. As such, we offer travel packages inclusive of all your necessary travel wants and needs which will surely be perfect for your family vacations, trip with friends, romantic travel, or even a quick solo getaway. Wherever you need to go, we’ll have the right travel option for you.

We value your trust

Vacations will take a bite out of your budget. Knowing this, we make sure your hard-earned money will be well spent when you trust us to take care of your travel arrangements. We are here to assist you in any way we can, the best way we can, simply because we understand your love for exploring new places. Safe travels!